Third Session -- SIGN UPS

Hello, hello, Hello!! 

Welcome to the sign ups for the THIRD session of the Eliot LIMS Challenge!!  
Some of you might be wondering why I'm here, and not someone else ;)  The wonderful morgentau has let me take over this LIMS Challenge, and I am more than happy to lead the way for this next session. 

Join the community, and sign up by leaving a comment to this post. As in the last two sessions, you'll receive one skip upon sign-up and one extra skip for pimping this community.  (Participants must have proof of where they pimped out the Challenge)

I can't stress enough how important it is to pimp out this community while these sign ups are taking place. 
As an incentive, I would like to make it a bit of a challenge in itself. 
Whoever can get the word out in the most places, that person will receive immunity for the first round of the challenge and cannot get voted out. In the event of a tie, one extra skip will be given to the people with the highest 'pimps'.

Alright everybody!! Let's get the word out to the world! (Well, the Leverage world anyways ;) )

Session 1 will begin April 8th!

(Don't forget to both join the community, and sign up with a comment to this post!)